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4/19/2013  Naked Man Arrested in Watertown, MA Related to Boston Bombing
Is This Tamerlan Tsarnaev Being Arrested?
posted: 4/20/13      
0       15

4/17/2013  Saudi National at Boston Bombing to be Deported on National Security Grounds Next Tuesday (FOX)
posted: 4/26/13      
0       13

4/16/2013  Fox News: Authorities guarding man at local hospital
The deadly bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed at least three and injured 176 is believed to be an act of terrorism, senior White House officials told Fox News. Two explosions tore through the finish line of the world-famous race just before 3 p.m., going off simultaneously as throngs of onlookers watched runners complete the 26.2-mile trek. The timing of the blasts immediately sparked suspicions of a deliberate act. "When multiple devices go off, that's an act of terrorism," a senior administration official told Fox News, just moments after President Obama delivered a statement to the nation and did not use the word "terror." Authorities searched an apartment in the nearby Boston suburb of Revere as part of the investigation into the explosions. saw federal, state and local law enforcement entering the building late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Sources confirmed to that the apartment being searched in connection to the bombings is on the fifth floor of the building.
posted: 4/23/13                   0       12

4/15/2013  Police Dont Deny Running "Drills On Morning Of Attack", No Suspect Yet (FOX)
posted: 4/22/13      
0       12

2/1/2013  Sneak Peek Inside DC Medical Marijuana Dispensary [Video]
Beth Parker gets a preview of Capital City Care, one of D.C.'s first medical marijuana dispensaries.
posted: 2/6/13                   0       10

1/11/2013  California school practiced new lockdown drill minutes before shooting
Minutes before a gunman walked into a California high school, students and teachers had been practicing what to do if the school came under an attack. "Just 10 minutes before it happened, our teachers were giving us protocol because of what happened in Connecticut," Oscar Nuno, a student at Taft High School said. A 16-year-old student armed with a shotgun walked into his first period science class Thursday and opened fire, wounding a classmate he claimed had bulled him. Video surveillance shows the suspect entering the building through a side door. He fired two more rounds at students, reportedly missing a second target, as they fled the class, and then faced a well-liked teacher Ryan Heber, reported. "I don't want to shoot you," he told Heber as the teacher tried to convince the student to put down the gun. Police credit Heber with causing enough of a distraction to allow a majority of the students to escape the classroom through a back door unharmed.
posted: 1/17/13                   0       20
keywords: Alexis Singleton, Associated Press, Barack Obama, California, Connecticut, Dave Noerr, David Heber, Donny Youngblood, Drills, Education, Gun Control, Joseph Biden, Kim Lee Fields, Los Angeles, Newtown, Oscar Nuno, Ryan Heber, Sandy Hook, Trish Montes, United States, Wilhelmina Reum Add New Keyword To Link

1/10/2013  FDA Warning Parents About Drug Websites
It’s been a busy week for Federal Drug Agents. First they warned us about a new and deadly drug circulating among young people. Now they want parents to know about drug web sites. Federal agents are sure young people know about these drug use web sites like this here. They want parents to check them out so they use the information to arm themselves to protect their children. The feds say the drugs are legal. Type in the words drug use and experience on Google and one of the first web sites to pop up is Erowid. It gives people information: on how to use drugs and reactions to different illegal substances, for example is it better to snort Ecstasy or use it orally.
posted: 10/30/13                   0       3

1/3/2013  Legal sale of medical marijuana coming soon to DC
Occupying a distinguished-looking bright blue store front on North Capitol Street just off New York Avenue is a company called Capital City Care. It is getting ready to open its doors in a matter of weeks. Capital City Care should be the first of four businesses in the city to begin legally selling marijuana. "Some of them will be open by early spring and the rest of them will be opening throughout the rest of the year," says Morgan Fox of the D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project. "Qualified patients who have a doctor's recommendation will be able to purchase marijuana from these stores and take it directly home and use it in their homes." But only if you live in the District. And only if you have any one of the four qualifying conditions: glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, cancer or multiple sclerosis.
posted: 2/6/13                   0       10

12/3/2012  First AZ medical marijuana dispensary opens
More than two years after being approved by voters, the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona is now open for business. Patients and caregivers showed up to pre-register for distribution at Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies on Sunday.
posted: 1/19/13                   0       10

3/12/2011  This Is Not Good! This Is NOT Good! Joseph Cirincione On Explosion At Japanese Nuclear Power Plant (FOX)
posted: 4/4/11      
0       7

1/21/2011  Peter Schiff On FXBIZ: The Great Currency Debate
Peter Schiff talks to Judge Napolitano about the prospect of a currency war with China.
posted: 2/22/11      
0       9

11/2/2010  Yemen Brings Terror Charges Against US-Born Radical Cleric Al-Awlaki
Yemen, under intense U.S. pressure to crack down on al-Qaida, put an American-born radical cleric on trial in absentia Tuesday on charges of plotting to kill foreigners and being a member of the terrorist group. It was Yemen's first formal legal action against Anwar al-Awlaki and the court brought the same charges against two other men. Yemen has come under heavy U.S. pressure to crack down on al-Qaida militants following the interception of two mail bombs in Dubai and Britain last week. The U.S. suspects Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, an offshoot of Osama bin Laden's network, was behind the plot. Al-Awlaki, 39, was born in New Mexico and is based in Yemen. U.S. investigators say e-mails link him to the Army psychiatrist accused of last year's shooting spree at the Fort Hood, Texas military base that killed 13 people. They also allege he helped prepare Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab for the attempt to bomb an airliner over Detroit last Christmas and they link him to the failed bombing in New York City's Times Square in May.
posted: 4/18/11                   0       4

10/20/2010  EXCLUSIVE: Al Qaeda Leader Dined at the Pentagon Just Months After 9/11
Anwar Al-Awlaki may be the first American on the CIA's kill or capture list, but he was also a lunch guest of military brass at the Pentagon within months of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, Fox News has learned. Documents exclusively obtained by Fox News, including an FBI interview conducted after the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009, state that Awlaki was taken to the Pentagon as part of the military’s outreach to the Muslim community in the immediate aftermath of the attacks. The incident was flagged by a current Defense Department employee who came forward and told investigators she helped arrange the meeting after she saw Awlaki speak in Alexandria, Va. The employee "attended this talk and while she arrived late she recalls being impressed by this imam. He condemned Al Qaeda and the terrorist attacks. During his talk he was 'harassed' by members of the audience and suffered it well," reads one document. According to the documents, obtained as part of an ongoing investigation by the specials unit "Fox News Reporting," there was a push within the Defense Department to reach out to the Muslim community.
posted: 4/18/11                   0       4

9/29/2010  Engineers Slam Internet 'Censorship' Bill Under Review by Senate
Internet entrepreneurs are in a panic over a Senate bill they say will censor the Web, stifle Silicon Valley startups, damage the United States' credibility on free speech and ultimately trigger the creation of an alternate-universe Internet. The West Coast engineers say they were blindsided last Monday when the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act was introduced in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill has a bipartisan roster of co-sponsors who say it will be a tool for stopping the worst offenders in the world of online piracy. The bill would give the attorney general new powers to shut down websites deemed dedicated to counterfeit material -- by going through the courts and by encouraging service providers to go after sites the Justice Department puts on a public blacklist. According to the bill, a website would have to be "dedicated to infringing activities" to trigger the enforcement.
posted: 10/4/10                   0       15
keywords: China, Cybersecurity, Demand Progress, Dropbox, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Eric Holder, Erica Chabot, Free Speech, Internet, Iran, Mediafire, Orrin Hatch, Patrick Leahy, Peter Eckersley, Privacy, Rapidshare, Screen Actors Guild, Steve Tepp, Terrorists, US Chamber Of Commerce, US Congress, US Department Of Justice, United States, White House, World Trade Organization, Youtube Add New Keyword To Link

9/22/2010  United States Could 'Absorb' Another Terror Attack, Obama Says in Woodward Book
President Obama, after being warned repeatedly by his advisers about the threat of another terror attack on U.S. soil, said in an interview two months ago that the United States could "absorb" another strike. The comment was included in the new book by journalist Bob Woodward, "Obama's Wars," excerpts of which were reported by The Washington Post and The New York Times. The book depicts the contentious debate the Obama administration endured to craft a new strategy in Afghanistan. According to the Post, Obama spent the bulk of the exhaustive sessions pressing for an exit strategy and resisting efforts to prolong and escalate the war. Despite warnings of another attack, he suggested the United States could weather a new strike. "We can absorb a terrorist attack. We'll do everything we can to prevent it, but even a 9/11, even the biggest attack ever . . . we absorbed it and we are stronger," Obama reportedly said.
posted: 9/23/10                   0       9

8/25/2010  Arizona Man Fights to Keep Gadsden Flag Flying Outside His Home
An Arizona man fighting to keep a historical American flag flying outside his home vows he will not take it down unless a judge orders him to. Andy McDonel of Leveen, Ariz., says he received a letter from his homeowner's association, Avalon Village Community Association, on Aug. 6 instructing him to "remove debris" from his suburban Phoenix home within 10 days or face a $25 fine. - The yellow Gadsden flag, which depicts a coiled snake and the words "Don't Tread on Me," was designed by American statesman Christopher Gadsden and first appeared in 1775. It has been reintroduced by numerous groups -- most recently by the Tea Party movement -- as a symbol of American patriotism. In a statement to, the executive director of the Arizona chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, said homeowners' associations do not have the power to "hijack" Arizonans' free speech rights.
posted: 9/24/10                   0       5
keywords: American Civil Liberties Union, Andy Mcdonel, Arizona, Christopher Gadsden, Free Speech, Gadsden Flag, Military, Tea Party, United States Add New Keyword To Link

8/3/2010  Senate Deducts Brownie Points for Devil's Food Dopers
Don't get baked on baked goods. That's the warning the Senate sent last week when it voted to toughen penalties for those who peddle pot brownies to minors -- a decision that drew gasps from drug policy reform advocates who were, momentarily, elated over a new law that drastically reduces the disparity between prison sentences for crack and cocaine offenses. President Obama on Tuesday signed the law overhauling mandatory sentencing guidelines for crack cocaine and powder cocaine. Crack users, who are mostly black, for the past quarter-century have faced far tougher sentencing guidelines than cocaine users -- under the prior law, a suspect would need to be found carrying 500 grams of cocaine to face a five-year sentence; a crack user had to be caught with just 5 grams to get the same sentence. While the move was hailed by some drug policy groups, the pot brownie bill tempered their excitement. "It's a black eye on the Senate. It's a mark of shame," said Aaron Houston, director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.
posted: 8/22/10                   0       8

7/14/2010  NAACP Resolution Calls on Tea Party to Repudiate 'Racist Elements' in Movement
The NAACP adopted a resolution Tuesday condemning "racist elements" in the Tea Party movement and calling on the movement's leaders to repudiate bigotry, despite claims from Tea Partiers that the measure is just a political ploy. The nation's leading civil rights group took up the language at its annual convention in Kansas City, Mo. The resolution initially said the NAACP would "repudiate the racism of the Tea Parties" and stand against the movement's attempt to "push our country back to the pre-civil rights era," though the wording was amended to downplay criticism of all Tea Partiers while asking them to repudiate bigots in their own ranks.
posted: 9/21/10                   0       3
keywords: Benjamin Todd Jealous, Bill Hennessy, Dallas, Dana Loesch, Hilary Shelton, Kansas City, Kansas City Star, Missouri, National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People, Phillip Dennis, St Louis, Tea Party, United States, Washington DC Add New Keyword To Link

7/6/2010  Dubai Rejects Full-Body Scanners Because They 'Contradict Islam'
Dubai airports will not use hi-tech full-body scanners because they "contradict Islam" and violate passengers' privacy, according to reports — even though the scanners can detect terrorist threats like those posed by the Christmas Day bomber. Neither of Dubai's two airports will use the scanners "out of respect for the privacy of individuals and their personal freedom," the head of airport security for the emirate told Al-Bayan daily, AFP reported. "The scanners will be replaced with other inspection systems that preserve travelers' privacy," said Dubai police's Brigadier Pilot Ahmad Mohammad Bin Thani, the AFP reported.
posted: 10/4/10                   0       4

7/2/2010  Uncle Sam Wants You to Have an Online ID
As our daily interactions and transactions have become increasingly “wired,” we have yet to see any truly comprehensive attempts at securing online identities. Our complex system of usernames and passwords is astoundingly outdated and increasingly prone to security breaches and theft. Yet, so far it has been mostly up to the individual to protect himself against various forms of identity fraud—with larger corporations taking relatively little responsibility. But this could change in a big way. Right now the federal government is proposing a new system being referred to as the “Identity Ecosystem”—which was highlighted in the recently-released draft paper, “National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace” [NSTIC]. - The bottom line here is that the White House’s proposal depends on businesses voluntarily agreeing to turn the current e-commerce system upside down, incur massive new costs and collaborate with competitors – a dim possibility, to say the least. Although the White House should be applauded for this idea, it is doubtful that such a voluntary approach is likely to win over the big companies who will end up footing the bill or passing it on to consumers. The private industry has been trying to enact this type of online assurance model for some time now, and with little success. It is far more likely that the White House will have to work with Congress to legislate this type of a reform.
posted: 7/22/10                   0       14

5/6/2010  TSA Worker Arrested After Jokes, Fight About Size of Genitalia
A TSA worker in Miami was arrested when he "lost his mind" and attacked a colleague who repeatedly made fun of his small penis after the security screener walked through a high-tech scanner that showed his genitalia, according to Miami-Dade police.
posted: 5/7/10                   0       22

5/3/2010  Usama Bin Laden Is Living Comfortably in Iran, Documentary Asserts
The idea that Bin Laden is in Iran got a strong boost recently with the premiere of a documentary called “Feathered Cocaine.” In it, Alan Parrot, the film’s subject and one of the world’s foremost falconers, makes a case that Bin Laden, an avid falcon hunter, has been living comfortably in Iran since at least 2003 and continues to pursue the sport relatively freely.
posted: 5/18/10                   0       22

5/2/2010  Pakistani Taliban Claims Responsibility, Reports Claim
Times Square Bomb Plot Revenge, Group Says
posted: 5/29/10                   0       16

4/22/2010  Shame On Jesse Ventura!
Shortly before the building collapsed, several NYPD officers and Con-Edison workers told me that Larry Silverstein, the property developer of One World Financial Center was on the phone with his insurance carrier to see if they would authorize the controlled demolition of the building – since its foundation was already unstable and expected to fall. A controlled demolition would have minimized the damage caused by the building’s imminent collapse and potentially save lives. Many law enforcement personnel, firefighters and other journalists were aware of this possible option. There was no secret. There was no conspiracy. While I was talking with a fellow reporter and several NYPD officers, Building 7 suddenly collapsed, and before it hit the ground, not a single sound emanated from the tower area. There were no explosives; I would have heard them. In fact, I remember that in those few seconds, as the building sank to the ground that I was stunned by how quiet it was.
posted: 4/29/10       0       26
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4/10/2010  Geraldo Rivera
We Tolerate The Continued Cultivation Of Opium Poppies - It is their culture, and we can't eradicate for security reasons
posted: 5/5/10      
0       15

3/26/2010  Milwaukee Cops Using Biometric Fingerprint Scanners on Drivers (FOX)
posted: 4/24/10      
0       14

2/2/2010  DNI & CIA Chief Predict Terrorist Attack In Next 6 Months (FOX)
posted: 2/23/10      
0       10

1/7/2010  Fmr. CEO of American Airlines Calls Full-Body Scanners in Airports a 'Waste of Resources'
But why do we continually put politicians into jobs they know nothing about, instead of selecting experienced managers to run very large-scale administrative organizations?
posted: 1/24/10                   0       15

12/15/2009  Joining China and Iran, Australia to Filter Internet
Australia is forging ahead with plans to filter Internet content in a bid to stop its citizens accessing obscene and crime-linked Web sites. Under the Chinese-style system, Internet service providers (ISPs) in the country would be legally obliged to filter out banned material. The move would mean more than 1,300 sites that show child pornography, bestiality, sexual violence or give instructions about committing crime would be blocked. The government says such a system would help protect people, especially children, from harmful material found online. At the moment officials can order people to take down material if it is hosted online in Australia, but cannot directly regulate content hosted abroad.
posted: 11/2/10                   0       4

11/23/2009  Documents exclusively obtained by Fox News, including an FBI interview conducted after the Fort Hood shooting in November 2009, state that Awlaki was taken to the Pentagon as part of the military’s outreach to the Muslim community in the immediate aftermath of the attacks (FOX)
posted: 4/18/11                   0       3

8/27/2009  ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan
The refusal by ABC and NBC to run a national ad critical of President Obama's health care reform plan is raising questions from the group behind the spot -- particularly in light of ABC's health care special aired in prime time last June hosted at the White House
posted: 8/28/09                   0       14

8/27/2009  Rep Jim Moran asks constituent for id at town hall meeting (FOX)
posted: 8/28/09      
0       14

8/21/2009  How the Release of the Lockerbie Bomber Happened
Tonight, this man is free. He is home with his family. He is the only person convicted for the 1988 bombing of Pan Am flight 103.
posted: 8/27/09                   0       13

8/18/2009  White House Blames E-Mail Controversy on 'Sinister Conspiracy Theories'
After confirming to FOX News over the weekend that third-party groups could be responsible for official White House e-mails that have been sent to people who never signed up for them, President Obama's new media director took to the official White House blog to "clear up" the confusion, and pointed the finger at "outside groups of all political stripes."
posted: 8/27/09                   0       13

8/14/2009  Florida Police Question Vandalism Suspect About Obama Joker Poster
Clermont Police Capt. Eric Jensen said the suspect who was taken into custody but not charged, told investigators he affixed some of the posters recently found on the city's light poles, public and private buildings, overpasses, mailboxes and other locations
posted: 8/27/09                   0       13

8/10/2009  Swine Flu's Worst Case Scenario: Paranoia or Preparedness?
An uncontrollable, deadly virus ravages America, shutting down civilian institutions and triggering martial law. Vaccinations are compulsory, and there are mass quarantines throughout the country.
posted: 8/27/09                   0       15

8/6/2009  Mike Pence Talks About The Protesters Being Very Informed (FOX)
posted: 8/21/09      
2       11

8/3/2009  Audience Shouts Down Sebelius, Specter at Health Care Town Hall in Philadelphia
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Sen. Arlen Specter got a preview Sunday of the tough sell lawmakers will face over health care reforms
posted: 8/21/09                   0       12

8/3/2009  Case of Alleged North Carolina Jihadist May Involve Classified Material
A case against seven North Carolina terrorism suspects accused of plotting "violent jihad" may involve classified material that will raise national security issues if given to their defense attorneys, federal prosecutors said Monday
posted: 8/21/09                   0       9
keywords: Classified Information Procedures Act, North Carolina, Privacy, Terrorists, United States Add New Keyword To Link

7/29/2009  FL
Cops caught on dash cam trying to cover up their rear end crash
posted: 8/21/09      
0       9

7/29/2009  Military Mass Quarantines (FOX)
posted: 8/5/09      
0       10

7/27/2009  Deaf man tased by police in Mobile Alabama (FOX)
posted: 8/2/09      
0       8

7/22/2009  Operation Bright Eyes
Operation Bright Eyes is designed to maximize the eyes and ears of Bright House Networks field service representatives and other employees to easily identify suspicious behavior and to quickly report criminal activities to police
posted: 7/28/09                   0       8
keywords: Bright House Networks, Florida, Police, Privacy, United States Add New Keyword To Link

7/21/2009  Ron Paul on Cavuto: Federal Reserve System is 'Deeply Flawed' (FOX)
posted: 7/28/09      
0       11

7/16/2009  Biomass-Eating Military Robot Is a Vegetarian, Company Says
programmed to recognize specific fuel sources and avoid others
posted: 7/20/09                   0       10

7/8/2009  Freedom Watch
Ron Paul on progress of Federal Reserve audit legislation, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, more (part 1)
posted: 7/10/09      
0       14

7/8/2009  States Using Stimulus Money for Short-Term Needs, Audit Shows
The Congressional Budget Office estimates that only 10 percent of the Recovery Act funds have been released so far, with about half of the money expected to be spent by October 2010
posted: 7/8/09                   0       11

7/6/2009  Sergei Tretyakov, KGB Defector Weighs in on US/Russian Relations (FOX)
posted: 7/7/09      
0       10

6/30/2009  Alan Carlin, The Statistics trying to Debunk Global Warming (FOX)
posted: 7/2/09      
0       11

6/30/2009  EPA Supresses Alan Carlin's Report About The Global Warming Nonsense And The Cap-And-Trade (FOX)
posted: 7/2/09      
0       11

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